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Live Blog – The Grand Final!

Are you ready for the Grand Final?

This is their moment, their one chance… Who will win Britain’s Got Talent 2010?

Sit back, enjoy… and don’t forget to click here and leave your views as each act performs… I can’t wait to hear what you think!

The Live Blog is running now…

As always click F5 to refresh as we go along and click here to leave your comments on each act. I’ll be here covering the whole show and giving you my views.

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Tonight’s acts are…

Tobias Meade
Kieran Gaffney
Liam McNally
Janey Cutler
Tina and Chandi
Paul Burling
Christopher Stone
Twist & Pulse

Which of these acts will win Britain’s Got Talent?
Who will snaffle the £100,000 prize and a spot on the Royal Variety Performance?

Click here to leave your views…

The judges are looking for a step up tonight and they want to see a huge improvement from the semi-finals.

First up are Twist and Pulse and the boys can’t quite believe they’re in the final. They perform a medley once more, but ach one seems to be more original than the last! This time they incude comedy moments from The Simpsons and at one point ‘Twist’ leaps into ‘Pulse’s’ arms to the theme from Scooby Doo… I loved the play on Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie, they lift their shirts and bellydance with ‘Vote Twist & Pulse’ across their stomachs.

Fun, with a capital F!

Piers smiles, "Some people worry that it’s a disadvantage to go first, but it could be an advantage to you. That was your best performance and there’ll be acts backstage going ‘how do we follow that?’"

Amanda is pleased as punch, "I thought I might have seen everything you had to offer, but there’s obviously so much more – you’re so original. You have a real shot, you really do".

Simon commends the boys for being ‘real’ and ‘current’. "I can see you guys doing allsorts, commercials, comedy, music videos…"

I think they liked it don’t you?

Click here to leave your views…

Liam McNally wants to grab this opportunity with both hands. I hope he does…

Hmmm… It’s an amazing vocal, but I’m a little disappointed that he sang Danny Boy again. I was hoping for something new – Where you?

Piers is still clapping, "I’m just so glad you made the final, we’ve seen you sing three times now and you’ve sang beautifully every time. You have so much confidence when you perform. In normal circumstances you and Twist & Pulse would be the favourites… but it is a very long night!"

Amanda is touched, "It was a courageous performance and you sang it beautifully".

Simon is impressed that Liam has had just one day to prepare, "I didn’t like yesterday’s song, but tonight you were note perfect!"

Did you think Liam was ‘perfect’?
Should he win Britain’s Got Talent 2010?
Or are you looking for variety rather than a dancer or singer this year?

Click here to leave your views…

Our Twitter Superfan Competition is hotting up, cross your fingers for them all and ‘follow’ your favourite’s MSN Superfan!

@Kcsunshine73 – PAUL BURLING
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@SynysterZebra – TOBIAS MEADE
@LukeMarsden – JANEY CUTLER
@TweamKRichardso – TWIST AND PULSE
@Chrisv_nantes – KIERAN GAFFNEY
@nixthorpe – LIAM MCNALLY

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Back to the show…

Right, let me just clear something up. If you’re an impressionist, it always helps to do a set which gives people a clue as to who you’re being! The Harry Hill TV Burp thing was genius, but I’m not sure if singing his impressions works for Paul Burling… I don’t know who some of them are, it’s too many people in a such a short space of time.

Don’t get me wrong, the ones that I can pick out are great but I’d have liked to identify them all.

Piers and Simon prove my point, Piers says he loved it but he didn’t like the Jeremy Clarkson and Simon snipes that he didn’t ‘do’ Jeremy Clarkson… Paul nods that he did. If Simon can’t identify them it could be a problem…

Phew, lucky Paul. Simon applaudes him for completing such a difficult task. "You managed to do all of those impressions, without saying who you were, to a track and 95 percent of them I knew! You took a risk because you usually do the Harry Hill thing, but this was the right decision."

Can you name them all?
Should Paul be our winner tonight?

Click here to leave your views…

Christopher Stone performs Somehow, Somewhere, Someway and its a huge powerful vocal. A little wobbly to start, but once he’s into his stride he raises the roof – the crowd are on their feet! It’s almost like he started to sing and then realised this was his last shot, so he let himself go. Good move Chris!

Piers can’t understand why he’s still doing his day-job. "Give up being an accountant, watching you, you should be on a West End stage".

Amanda is teary, "You touched me, there is so much longing in your eyes and that is what made your performance special".

Simon likes the fact that Chris is a different man from his first audition. "You got up there, you hit the notes and you transformed. You are a genuinely great singer!"

Click here to leave your views…

Bless… It’s Tina and Chandi!

They perform a glitzy routine to Let’s Face the Music and Dance and as always it’s genius (and adorable to boot!)

My personal highlights were the leg crossovers, the trouser rip followed by hiding behind the chair and finally the bus-stop (walk-step and kick) – Yes, the dog did that!

Piers is happy, "It’s a lovely act to watch, I don’t think it was the best routine but it doesn’t matter – to see you together it was fantastic".

Amanda thought it was a fantastic routine, "you could have just gone back to what you did in the audition, but you didn’t. You have come here with three totally different routines and I’ve ran out of lovely words to describe Chandi".

Simon is booed when he says that Chandi is nearly a hundred in human years and is looking a ‘bit tired’. Tina quips, "there’s life in the old dog yet!"

Good for you girl!

Click here to leave your views…

Connected are up next and they sing Daughtry’s What About Now.

It’s an accompished vocal performance for such a young group, they’re obviously giving it their all. As always, the harmony sections are the best and sadly the solo performances are still weak in comparison. Happily, they are getting better…

Piers is in awe and loved it, "If he won’t manage you, I will!"

Amanda is beaming, "You were fantastic, it’s really nice to have a boyband with ‘boys’ in it. With or without this show, you are going to be massive!"

Simon isn’t convinced. "I wasn’t as sold tonight, you shouldn’t have sang a Westlife song it made you sound like a tribute act. I like you guys, I think you’ve got great potential… The semi final song made you unique".

I can see this act being cause for debate this evening…
Click here to leave your views…

Go on Animal!
I love Kieran Gaffney, he’s such a sweetie and boy, can he play!

He performs to Wipeout! He must be knackered, it’s fast and furious (does he ever stop?) – Thanks to his infectious attitude the crowd are lovin’ it and they clap along as if it was a stadium performance. Blimey! Now the floating platform he’s on is tilting from side to side and he just carries on without a slip. I’d be papping it!

Piers gushes, "This country gives youth a bad name. I look at you and I see a lovely boy who’s young with genuine talent".

Amanda thought it was ‘just fantastic’. "Yesterday there was another beat going on and tonight it was just you, you made that music!"

Simon has to ask a question, "I was told that you came up with the moving floating platform is that right? That just shows you that you are such a clever young man. You are thinking about every angle of the performance, everything!"

Oooh, marvelous! Tobias is on after the break (YUM!)

Click here to leave your views…

Tobias Meade is hoping ot give the performance of his life, "when they said I’d made the final, the tears in my eyes came from nowhere… To be a dancer and to be picked from hundreds of thousands of people – it’s a dream!"

WOW! He starts his performance with his back-to-front mask dancing (as a human)… I can’t believe how believeable he makes it. To think he’s dancing backwards, you really don’t realise.

THEN… Bang goes the mask and he turns, it’s Twilight time! As his real self he bares his fangs and two coffins open. He’s joined onstage by his vampire friends and he ‘pops’ his bod to within an inch of his life, it’s almost like he’s being shocked – Amazing! You have to see it to believe it.

He receives a standing ovation…

Piers thinks it’s well deserved and he’s by far the best dancer in the competition, "You tell a story". Amanda agrees, "Your imagination and creativity is second to none – and you’re fit! You are the best eye candy and the best dancer in this show". At least she’s honest!

Simon looks surprised, "You’ve done everything you should have done on the biggest night of your life. You made it current with the whole Twilight thing and I think we could have an upset tonight…"

Marry me Tobias… Humena, humena!

Click here to leave your views…

Janey Cutler perform No Regrets once more for us, she’s a trouper but she is out of time. Thankfully she battles on and pulls it back for the final 30 seconds… Still full of power, guts and gusto though – Good for you Janey!

Piers tries to comfort her, "I could tell when you realised you’d lost the timing at the start, I could see it in your face. You’re eighty years old and yet you didn’t give up, you said ‘I’m not gonna let this beat me!’.

Simon admires her spunk, "pulling a song back like that is a hard, hard thing to do. It shows you have a lot of experience and I think based on that, we should judge the last half and not the first half".

Do you think Janey’s age should matter?
Is a mistake a mistake?
If a youngster missed their timing what would they get?

Me? I don’t think allowances should be made – sorry!

Click here to leave your views…

Hold the phone people, we could have a live one here…

Spellbound take to the stage and my face matches Amanda’s as they throw one young man from behind the judges, he flips and they catch him – on stage! That’s death defying the distance is huge!

The routine is amazing and so atmospheric with the gothic costumes. There are flips, rolls, somersaults and pyramids – it’s disciplined and slick. For the finale, one member is thrown, pikes, twists and lands on his back in his teams arms – so dramatic.

Standing ovation and the judges remain standing…

Piers is the first to tell the team that this show is not just about talent, "it’s about travelling the world afterwards to show people how great Britain is, YOU are that act!"

Amanda can’t compliment them enough, "when we host the Olympics, what an opening act".

Simon is speechless for once… "That was exactly what I was thinking, in Olympic terms that would have won the gold medal. Let’s just make this clear, you threw somebody from there, over us and onto the stage. The skill involved and you guys are so professional. I have to say, that was one of the most astonishing things I’ve ever seen in my life".

The over-the-judges stage flip was genius, good move guys – you could have just won yourselves a competition.

Who was your favourite tonight?
Who should win tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent?

Click here to leave your views…

All the acts have performed and Amanda is pleased as punch that there’s such a mix and it’s impossible to call. Simon makes it obvious who he thinks should win, "one act was world class and blew me away. I’m not going to say who it is.." 

Duh! Can you say Spellbound?

Do you agree with Simon?
Click here to leave your views…

Soon be time for the results peeps… Eek!

Speaking of world class, that was a cracking performance from Usher. You get the feeling that established cts fel like theyhave something to prove when they appear on this show and he sure showed them how it should be done. 

Usher tells Ant that there has been some amazing talent on the show tonight, Dec asks if he has some advice for the final 10. "Practise makes perfect and even if you don’t win this, then you keep going – don’t be defeated".


So who will it be?
Me? I think thanks to Simon’s comments (and genuine talent) it will be Spellbound.

Ant and Dec will start by announcing the top 3 acts.
In no particular order…

1. Twist & Pulse
2. Spellbound
3. Kieran Gaffney

In 3rd place tonight is Kieran Gaffney.
"It’s been amazing, thank you".

The winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010 is…

Twist and Pulse are congratulating the winners and as Ant and Dec grab them, they’re humble in defeat: "Thank you so much, second is brilliant!"

Simon is ecstatic. "This show is called Britain’s Got Talent. Absolutely the right guys (and girls) won on the night".

Fair play if you ask me. I think the Royal will love them and they’re bound to land the Olympics now… Only problem with a team is that they’ll only snaffle a few grand each of the giant prize – LOL!

Congrats Spellbound, well deserved.

And congratulations to @RyanJL a freelance journalist from Ireland and our Twitter Series Superfan! He backed Spellbound and got it right, well done Ryan.

So that’s your lot guys…
Did you enjoy it?

Click here to leave your views…

I’ll be back tomorrow on the new Big Brother 11 Blog, hope to see you there…

Selena x

PS – Before you go, don’t forget to add yourself as a friend of my network on the top of this blog and click here to add yourself to our Britain’s Got Talent Facebook Page, you’ll never miss a trick!

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Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV

Images courtesy of Rex Features/ITV

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Live Blog – The Last Semi Final!

Are you ready for the last Semi-Final?
Who will snaffle the last two places before tomorrow’s Grand Final?

There’s a cracking line up tonight and I think it’s going to be a tough call for the judges when it comes to decision time. So sit back, enjoy… and don’t forget to click here and leave your views… I can’t wait to hear what you think as each act performs…

The Live Blog is running now…

As always click F5 to refresh as we go along and click here to leave your comments on each act. I’ll be here covering the whole show and giving you my views.

On the move?
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Tonight’s acts are…

Kieran Gaffney
Dance Flavourz
Father and Son
The Chippendoubles
Liam McNally
Alesia Vazmitel

Which of these acts will make the final?
Can one of them snaffle the £100,000 prize and a spot on the Royal Variety Performance?

Click here to leave your views…

Ant points out that whoever goes through tonight will have just one day to prepare for the final. Piers adds that it’s also an advantage as the public will remember them, "a week’s a long time on this show!"

So… Who’s first?

Excellent! It’s The Chippendoubles and I’ve been waiting to see what they come up with… I hope this isn’t just a repeat of their first audition. Like Simon said, the surprise of who they are has gone! I’ve got my fingers crossed…

Gutted… it’s just a rehash of the original characters… They each perform a section to music, and both Piers and Simon buzz… This time Gordon Ramsay is a ‘firestarter’, Will Smith is now the Fresh Prince, Simon is the DJ and although they’ve tried to come up with something new, it’s a little old.

LOL! Fortunately, they save themselves in the end when Piers and Amanda lookalikes appear and finally they bow and out comes the Queen!

Simon and Piers agree that once the surprise has gone, there’s not much to it. Simon goes as far as to say, "it’s pointless".

Amanda comes to the rescue, "We knew it would be a one trick pony from the start, but I still thought it was entertaining and fun!"

They could have done so much more combining new characters with old. I’d have loved to have seen the Amanda and Piers join the Simon lookalike, a Posh for David, a Jamie Oliver in boxing garb ready for Chef Ramsay, the list goes on and on… More effort required – they’ve missed an opportunity.

Do you agree?

Click here to leave your views…

Liam McNally raised the roof in his first audition, but Simon warned that his voice won’t last long… He has a shelf life and needs to enjoy it.

Liam has taken that on board and is determined to give the performance of his life tonight.

He performs You Raise Me Up and I’m speechless. It’s in a totally different key to his first audition and is so high, it’s choral to the point of being angelic! Amanda is beaming, she can’t believe it (and neither can I!)

He controls every note and seems far more relaxed than last time…

Amazing! He’s GOT to make the final.

Click here to leave your views…

Piers smiles, "You may remember Simon telling you that your voice may break before the final, thankfully it hasn’t. That was amazing and I’m trying to think if we’ve had a better vocal performance on this show, we haven’t!"

Amanda knew he could do it, "I agree with Piers, it was gutsy and you looked like you loved it. You actually look like you could do it again".

Simon is brief in his critique, but says it all: "Absolutely terrific, the audience loved it!"

Click here to leave your views…

Amanda was impressed with Alesia Vazmitel during the auditions, "if she pulls off some great moves tonight,she could be a darkhorse in this competition".

Alesia likes to think of her pole dancing as a moving artwork… Her routine takes her so high up the pole and there’s not a safety net or harness in sight! She flips, performs upside down and rols her body down the pole – I loved how she dead dropped at the end to a sudden halt – very dramatic!

LOL! Alice on Twitter just posted: "Saw a bit more than her Halo!" Love it!

Dec jokes that it’s suddenly got ‘very hot in here’. Piers agrees that it’s obvious they all liked it and Amanda agrees when he says Alesia has made it an artform. "Some people think pole dancing is tacky, you make it beautiful to watch…"

Simon reveals that he’s never thought it was tacky, he’s now hoping to get a pole in his bedroom. "Honestly you risked your life, that is a very tall pole and technically it was fantastic!"

Did Alesia raise your flag?
Click here to leave your views…

Myztikal have improved since their audition, after splitting the judges they’ve cut the singers that fluffed it and have handed the lead to the vocalists who can blow!

They perform to a medley of tracks including some old skool 80’s dancce faves: I Feel For You and Thriller… I’m not a fan of the shirt and tie combos but hey, great moves guys…

Piers teases, "I said if you came back to the semi’s and you sang it would be a disaster. You chose to ignore me… and you were absolutely right!"

Amanda nods, "You have really stepped up, it’s a hundred times better than your audition. I hope people vote and get you out of that carpark!"

Simon’s picking… "I didn’t like what you were wearing, I didn’t like that there was so many songs and so many dances… YOU! (He points to the same girl he singled out in the audition), y

ou should have sang more, you’ve got a really good voice. There was a lot going on, but taking everything into account, it was actually my favourite act so far…"

Click here to leave your views…

Ouch! Simon’s not too optimistic about Dance Flavourz. "If they do the same thing as their first audition, forget it!"

The girls kick things off well with a Bollywod themed routine with costumes to match, they rip off their saris to reveal silver micro mini’s and Livin’ La Vida Loca rings out… Then the male lead drops from the sky infront of a huge elephant! Hang on… now it’s time for Mardi Gras! SO much colour, it’s vibrant and fun – he’s not the best singer but that’s not what it’s about. Bless ‘em they’ve got so much heart and they really want this…

Amanda agrees with me, "I love the fact that there is so much passion and heart, it was great to see you sewing sequins and feathers on your costumes and there’s so much attention to detail. It’s fun… I have to say, your act is like what goes on in my brain!"

Simon is impressed, "I’m bored of the same acts on this show (the crowd boo) but this is the opposite (cheers!)… There was lots of energy and, your wife must be the most patient person on the planet." He asks if she is enjoying it and commends her for coming up with the idea of the elephant.

Come on, you’ve gotta love ‘em. They’re camper than a row of tents!

Click here to leave your views…

No, no, no… Father and Son perform and we’re back to the reason why some hate this show. They sing Wind Beneath My Wings and after the first few bars, I’m losing the will to live. Fair play, their hook is their love for each other as father and son but this is a bit much… I smell cheddar! The sequin trimmed suits, the meeting each other after they drift down the stairs… Bleugh!

Piers agrees with me (thank God!) "That was the cheesiest thing I’ve seen in a long time, I was drowning in a vat of gorgonzola – but there is still something special about seeing a father and son perform and the relationship you have."

Amanda is cutting, "It was too cheesy for me, I don’t think I believe the sentiment. It was just too old fashioned…"
Simon buzzed, so don’t expect compliments… "I tried to step into the real world. It was too over the top, you’re collar was too big, which made it really caberet and vocally it just wasn’t there".

Off, off, off!

Click here to leave your views…

Woooo! Even though they messed up, I enjoyed A3’s performance. They started on podiums and created an atmos’ with electric shock lighting, smoke and mirror dancing, then they burst into life and flip off into a funky, high energy routine!

I loved the human carousel but was gutted for them when they didn’t quite make the three man flip over (they flipped over each other on the spot but the last guy fell – on his face! Ouch!)

They deserve some credit, they’re lovely guys… and they have talent.

Piers is a party pooper, "I think you guys did your mum proud tonight, that was great. The only problem is that we have two great dance acts and unfortunately you might not make it through… not because of you, but because of the competition."

Amanda brushes him off, "I don’t agree with Piers, what this show is about it ‘home grown’ talent. You guys are at home training and your family is cooking in the kitchen, you’re together, you’re ther for each other, you work hard, you give it your all…"

Simon’s a fan, "What I like about you three is that you are believable. You work hard at it and there were some mistakes, but people are going to take to you and like you – I like you!"

Click here to leave your views…

Kieran Gaffney has just given the performance of his live (bless him). He drums his heart out to Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas and I have to say, he kicked arse! He’s like a mini-Animal from the muppets, you can’t help rockin’ and his passion is infectious.

Piers is on his feet, "Loved it! Kieran, you are a little fighter. You came back and you proved to us (especially Simon) that drumming is interesting. That was a fantastic perfomance!"

Amanda’s out of her seat, "I could kiss you, I am so happy for you – I loved it, I really wanted this for you!"
And Simon… well he’s sold: "Not only was that an amazingly good performance, the thing with you is how you handle yourself. You didn’t get through last year, you nearly blew it with your mum and dad and then you come back on your own… You’ve never winged, you’ve never moaned, you have come back a man and for that, I am very proud of you."
Kieran can’t believe it, "It feels like I’m in bed at the moment and I’m dreaming."

Did he do it for you?
Click here to leave your views…

That’s your lot peeps!
This is your final chance to vote before the final…

Which acts will make it through?
I can’t call it tonight, convince me…
Click here to leave your views…

See you in half an hour for the result…


We’re back and it’s time to find out who’s landed those final places!

The act through to the final via the public vote is…
Kieran Gaffney!

"I feel great, I don’t believe it. Thank you so much everyone!"

The two acts going to Judges Choice are…
Liam McNally & A3

Based on the judges comments, it has to be Liam surely.

Piers: "There’s no doubt that A3 are engaging and it’s great you’re doing it for your mum but there were some mistakes in your performance tonight. Liam, you’re a great singer but we have some great singers already… It’s tough, but I’m gonna go with Liam".

Amanda doesn’t beat around the bush, "I’m just gonna say A3!"

It’s all on Simon… "A3 made some mistakes tonight, but I really really like you guys… The problem is that this is the last chance Liam has to audition. I have to give Liam a chance at the final".

So there you go…
Who will win Britain’s Got Talent tomorrow?

Click here to leave your views…

Join me here as the show airs to find out, I can’t wait to hear what you think as each act performs…

Selena x

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Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV

Images courtesy of Rex Features/ITV

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Britain’s Got Talent – Twitter Superfans!

Calling all Britain’s Got Talent Superfans!

Do you think you could encourage the masses to vote for your favourite act? Are you a twitterific tweeter or a fabulous follower finder? Well, it matters not… If you have a twitter account, we want you!
If you haven’t heard about the MSN Superfans on Twitter, where have you been?
As every reality show begins we search for volunteers on Twitter to become a ‘superfan’ for their favourite contestant. They then head out to twitterland and try to rally as much support as they can…

Simply put, the contestant who wins the competition wins it for the superfan too… Then and only then are they crowned MSN’s Series Superfan and their name takes pride of place here on the blog.

Here are our superfans so far…

@Kcsunshine73 – PAUL BURLING
@flozzloveskstew  – CONNECTED
@Jayke1981 – CHANDI AND TINA
@SynysterZebra – TOBIAS MEADE
@LukeMarsden – JANEY CUTLER
@TweamKRichardso – TWIST AND PULSE


Feel free to follow them on Twitter and show your support for your favourite, or why not drop our Twitterer Alice a line and volunteer to be a Superfan while there are still finalists left to grab!

Click here to visit MSN Reality TV on Twitter…
Or you can send a message to Alice via @MSNRealityTV

So go, make a difference and you might just have your name splattered all over this blog on Saturday Night!

Selena x 

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Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV

Images courtesy of Rex Features/ITV

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Live Blog – Semi Final 4

Blimey, it’s hard being me…
Such a busy bee, Live Blogging, researching, posting, interviewing, everyday life and then as if that wasn’t enough, I have to remember to meet George to go shopping!

Have you met my pal George?
Think you might recognise him LOL!

Anyway… enough about me and my jaunts with BGT stars – LOL! Are you ready for the next Semi-Final?

There’s a cracking line up tonight and I think it’s going to be a tough call for the judges when it comes to decision time. So sit back, enjoy… and don’t forget to click here and leave your views… I can’t wait to hear what you think as each act performs…

The Live Blog is running now…

As always click F5 to refresh as we go along and click here to leave your comments on each act. I’ll be here covering the whole show and giving you my views.

On the move?
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Tonight’s acts are…

Emile Harris
Janey Cutler
Mark James
Team Shaolin
The Fusion
Twist and Pulse
Tyler Patterson

Which of these acts will make the final?
Can one of them snaffle the £100,000 prize and a spot on the Royal Variety Performance?

Click here to leave your views…

Some great dancers facing off tonight, Ice, Twist and Pulse and little Tyler… and I wonder what songstress super-gran Jayner Cutler wil come up with?

So who’s first?

Ice are in a good position here, they’ve had chance to listen to the judges critiques all week and tweak their act accordingly (or that’s what they’ll have done if they’re smart).

The routine is crisp, I love the cane section and the judges are bouncing – it’s funky and fresh. My only issue is that it’s a litle stage school rather than ‘street’.

Piers thought it was ‘quite good’, he was put off because it was old fashioned. "I would have expected a dance act to do that in the 80’s"

Amanda disagrees, "I don’t agree. I like the fact that your choreographer mixes the old and the new!"

Simon shakes his head, "you say you’re a street dance group but you’re not – you’re a ‘dance studio’ team. It felt old fashioned, it was contrived. It didn’t feel like you had any part in this at all. I said you should have sacked your choreographer last time and you should!"

The group are the first to say that they had more input in this routine than they ever have before, its not just the choreographer’s routine.

Simon’s not having it, "I don’t think you have a chance of making the final after that!" Ouch!

Click here to leave your views…

I love Tyler Patterson, he’s such a cutey and boy can he move! I’m also looking forward seeing his choice of hat… LOL!

Simon believes that Tyler will rise to the occasion and Tyler has his fingers crossed. "Even though I’m only little, I’m gonna try and prove that I’m as good as any dancer out there".

Tyler is such a little pocket rocket, his routine is high energy and I thought the gangster/jailhouse concept was a fantastic match for the track (Smooth Criminal).

Piers is beaming, "I love the fun you bring to your dancing, I hope you realise how many girlfriends you are gonna get from this. You did so well, you did yourself proud and you’ve got a real shot!"

Amanda thinks he could teach George Sampson a thing or two…

Enter Simon (Mr Smug) – "That exactly proves my point (about Ice), that felt like it came from you. You are unbelievable for your age, you’ve done this yourself and planned it all – like when you flipped off the bars… it was all you. You remind me of me in a way, you have a certain charisma about you. You’re a dark horse in this competition".

Tyler is chuffed to bits with those comments!

Click here to leave your views…

Emile Harris is my kind of singer, just a man with a song and a guitar. If anything, that was his hook – that was what made him memorable…

Sadly he’s blown it tonight, in a big way!
He’s terrified and the nerves have got to him -are my ears bleeding? He has no guitar and has chosen once again to sing his own song. Why would you do that for a semi-final? It’s a little arrogant if you ask me, there’s no audience connection when you perform an original piece. If you’re an established artist yes, but not on this show…

Both Piers and Amanda buzz and he’s thrown… it’s so out of tune – Ouch!

Piers explains his decision, "there’s no doubt from your audition that you have talent. You’re a great singer, but you chose to do your own song and I didn’t think that song was anywhere near as good as the last".

Amanda agrees with Piers, "You were very brave, it was a very brave choice to do your own song and it backfired on you. It wasn’t anything near your last audition".

Simon was the only judge not to buzz. "I wanted to give you a chance to the end. You’ve got a great voice that is very current at the moment, but you chose to sing your own song. The problem is you are a terrible song writer… It was to indulgent, you chose to do it your way. My advice to you is that you should be in a band. Your voice isn’t strong enough alone".

Click here to leave your views…

LOL! Twist and Pulse crack me up!

They perform a dance medley once more and it’s packed with comedy and cracking moves. The best moment for me was when they performed a skit of the Jane Fonda wannabe’s from the Call On Me video – classic! Not too sure about them throwing in The Cheeky Girls again though, they did that last time…

Job done though boys, the crowd goes wild!

Piers is still clapping, "It was so good to see a properly talented double act standing on that stage (Ant and Dec scoff). I love the way you did the routine, the attitude you bring, the sense of fun and the humour. I think you’re the best two dancers we have in this competition".

Amanda is impressed, "you are both so talented, to see you move and you’re great DJ’s too because you put the music together yourselves don’t you?"

Simon agrees with Piers, he thinks the boys are the strongest dancers so far. "It also proves my point once more, one dance act tonight was contrived and this was not. It all came from you and your personality came through…"

Click here to leave your views…

It always makes me giggle when a group is called ‘Team’ anything… I can’t help but think of Team Peter and Team Katie and I’m sure it’s not the picture Team Shaolin want to paint. Far from it… LOL! I’m now imagining them in pink tracksuits and Uggs!

There’s bar bending and board breaking, there’s blade balancing and barrel rolls, not to mention flips, jumps, poses and leaps… The only problem is, it’s like they’ve tried to cram in as much as possible – It’s messy…

Piers is hesitant, "Before I say this, can you promise me you’re not gonna kill me. I thought it was good, lots of energy and very entertaining. The problem is that it was a bit disjointed. There was no story like there was with Spelbound".

Amanda agrees with me, "it was like you tried to do to much in the time you had". 

Simon nods, "Look, incredibly, incredibly talented but I agree with Piers and Amanda… What people want to see is choreography. It wasn’t as good as the last audition".

Click here to leave your views…

Ugh! I didn’t like Mark James during the auditions, you may remember he did Renee and Renata in a split costume… Zzzz…

This time around he’s dressed as Elton John and Kiki Dee and the track of choice is Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Unfortunately his female voice quite suited the Renee and Renata routine, but he just sounds like a por drag act here.

Amanda tries to be nice, "I’m a girl who likes a bargain and you’re two for the price of one. It was funny and entertaining, it was good fun!"

Simon buzzed in the first few seconds, "It was horrific, there’s as much chance of you going through to the final as me going to the moon tomorrow. I mean do you think you can make it to the final?"

Mark replies, "I’m the only act that’s half and half and I’m trying to give the people what they want. Did you al enjoy it?" The crowd cheer… they don’t mean it, they just love annoying Simon!

Me, I agree with Cowell – Get off!

Click here to leave your views…

Ding dong the witch is dead, which old witch, the wicked old witch!

LOL! I thought The Fusion were great last time around and I thought it was a real spectacle seeing so many wicked witches… Their technique is great and they’re original – I thought this was what this show is about?

Arrrr… They be skeletal pirates tonight.
Shiver me timbers!

They perform to a dance remix of Dead Man’s Chest (Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum) and the routine is eerie, atmospheric and captivating. WOW! For the finale they create a pirate ship with their bodies… Then out come the Jolly Roger Flags!

I thought that was fantastic!

Piers says that they’ve proved Simon wrong. "It shows that a choreographed routine can really work! After that performance, you’rve proved that you deserve to be here".

Amanda’s pleased as punch, "I have always championed you. I love the mix of dance styles, it’s great not to just see a street dancing act. It was a mish-mash of piratey fabulousness!"

Simon grins, "I am happy to admit for the second time this week that I am wrong (The Fusion erupt with joy). Personally, in terms of imagination, I think it’s the best act we’ve seen so far tonight!"

Do you agree?
Click here to leave your views…

You’ve got to love Janey Cutler. Bless her, she’s such a plucky happy old bird – she’s fab! 13 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren and tonight Matthew, she’ll be on Britain’s Got Talent.

Amanda’s hoping she’ll sing with the same gusto that she had in the auditions… fingers crossed.

Janey performs This is my Life and she gives it her all. It has all the power from her first audition, though I have to admit I’m not as keen on the song. The track from her first audition suited her voice far better…

Hold the phone – the ending has raised the roof and with one huge breath, her final note has them on their feet!

Piers is in awe, "Janey, you are magnificent! The whole competition really, I’ve been waiting for that moment that people are going to talk about the next day. Everyone will say tomorrow, ‘did you hear that woman on Britain’s Got Talent’. That wasn’t just the best performance of the night, that was the best performance from the whole week!"

Amanda turns to look at the audience reaction, "You are amazing, you are a credit to your family and the Royal Family would love that!"

Simon is touched, "You epitomise everything about this show that is good… It’s not just about talent, it’s about spirit and character and you have it all. I will remember that performance for a very long time…"

Arrr… Bless.

So who do you think will make the final?
It’s a tough one to call tonight.

Click here to leave your views…

I’ll see you back here in half an hour…
Let’s see if you’re right?

We’re Back…


Right, so who’s my money on? Opinion here on the blog is that it will be Twist & Pulse and Janey, with Fusion in third. I think that’s fair comment, but it will be a shame as Fusion were great. I think the problem will arise if Janey takes first and the judges have to choose between Twist & Pulse and Fusion though… I loved Fusion tonight – so theatrical and original. They created such atmosphere with movement – fabulous!

Ah screw it, I want Fusion to go through!
Come on Fusion!

Landing the public vote in first place is…
Janey Cutler!
Bless her, she can’t believe it…

What did I say? Fusion and Twist & Pulse go to the Judges Choice!

Piers points out that there are dancers in the final but no dance troupes, "it’s something to think about. But I think that these two guys are the two most talented dancers we have in the competition. I’m going with the boys".

Simon agrees with Piers but thinks that the girls pulled it out the bag – One vote each…

It’s up to Amanda now… She’s championed Fusion throughout the show, so I’m shocked to hear her say, "I’m choosing the act that I think could win this show – Twist & Pulse!"

Amanda swayed by the crowd by any chance?
I’d have loved to see Fusion in the final, now we’ll never witness the magic again… (snigger).

Did your favourite go through?
Click here to leave your views…

I’ll see you back here tomorrow from 7.30pm for the fifth and final semi… Then it’s the final – Aaaagh! Can’t wait!

Selena x

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Images courtesy of Rex Features/ITV

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Live Blog – Semi Final 3

Are you ready for the next Semi-Final?

There’s a cracking line up tonight, so sit back, enjoy… and don’t forget to click here and leave your views… I can’t wait to hear what you think as each act performs…

The Live Blog is running now…

As always click F5 to refresh as we go along and click here to leave your comments on each act. I’ll be here covering the whole show and giving you my views.

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Tonight’s acts are…

The Arrangement
Paul Burling
Christopher Stone
Jimmy Ford
Philip Grimmer
Chloe Hickinbottom

Which of these acts will make the final?
Can one of them snaffle the £100,000 prize and a spot on the Royal Variety Performance?

First up are mini-pops Starburst!
They promise flips, tricks and a great routine. 

Good lord, its like the 80’s have thrown up on them! They’re head to toe in ‘neon’ and I’ve even spotted a few in deely-boppers (remember them?)

They perform a bubbly routine to Walking On Sunshine and although it’s high energy and exciting, it’s a little sickly sweet – Far too Rainbow Brite for me…

Piers claps his hands with joy. "I wish everyone danced like you. It was a bright, bubbly explosion of fun! Did you have a good time?"

Amanda loves them and asks if her daughter can join the troupe…

Simon jokes, "It lacked colour and energy…" He smiles, "but seriously, I thought this was old fashioned the first time around because of the music. This time, it was miles better than before".

He adds that the girls should make a plea to the viewers at home. "We always seem to have dance groups on first, we say we love you and then you don’t get through…"

The girls are the first to grab the opportunity and look to camera, "we’ve worked so hard for this and we’ve got this far and we’re happy but we’d love to make it to the final".

Did the girls do it for you?
Or should we rain on their sunny parade?
Click here to leave your views…

Over-doing it on the old production with Chloe Higginbottom. She performs Moon River and the vocal is ‘pretty’ (if you like that sort of thing) but the whole floating down on a moon is so last year… Last year’s X Factor to be precise.

Seen it…

Ooh, she finishes well though… those last few notes were amazing. You have to give her credit, she’s only 10.

Chloe wants nothing more than this, "It’s my dream to sing and I hope I get far".

Piers is in awe, "For a ten year old to come on this stage and sing like you did, you just stuck it to all the critics of Britain’s Got Talent."

Amanda nods, "I think your song tonight was stronger than your last. I still agree with Simon that we’d like to hear something more current."

Simon actually liked the song tonight, "but I have to say, I think you are destined for the West End. You have that sort of voice. I’m not sure you’d be a recording artist, but you are destined for that – congratulations."

Click here to leave your views…

I was covering Eurovision when Phillip Grimmer auditioned, so this is a first for me…

HA! This is a joke right?
How many cracking singers and dancers have gone by the wayside? And this, this is what we have in a semi-final!

Why the hell aren’t the judges buzzing?

This guy is just dancing to Hung Up by Madonna in a purple leotard! Pardon me, but WTF? I’m disgusted. I have to hear what the judges say… What’s their excuse?

"Do you know what, I liked your first audition but I thought you were going to step it up – it was just like before". Amanda is negative in her comments, but she didn’t buzz. Why not?

Neither Simon or Piers are complimentary either, so what’s with the silent buzzers – isn’t the point to Bzzzzz!

I have to laugh when Simon adds, "these who put you through, I hope the public will put you through to the final and you win. That way Amanda and Piers will have to present you to the Royal Family!"

I have only one word… NEXT!

Click here to leave your views…

How much better is Paul Burling this time around?

I loved his Harry Hill from the first auditions, but this… He’s got the whole Harry Hill TV Burp show down. So many highlights, thought Nick Park’s Wallace was genius, loved the Eastender of the Week (Grant/Phil Mitchell) and Simon Cowell at the end – that sealed the deal. The judges are drowned out by the crowd…

Piers has to shout, "If you don’t make the final it will be a total travesty, you are the best impressionist we’ve ever had."

Amanda gushes, "I thought you might have expired before you started, but there’s so much more to you. I love the fact that you’ve dont this in pubs and clubs for 25 years and you’ve worked your butt off!"

And Simon, "some people come on this show and they’ve done nothing. You have worked hard for 25 years doing this and I hope you get through… The problem with TV viewers at the moment is some of them are like food critics, they’re snobby. Some like posh food and some like fish and chips, I like fish and chips, you’re fish and chips and I agree with Amanda, you’ve worked for this".

I agree, Paul Burling for the final!
How about you?

Click here to leave your views…

I’m confused…
The Arrangement perform an operatic medley of songs including Cheryl Cole’s Fight For This Love and Put Your Hands Up by JLS, all I can say is it’s weird.

It’s off key, it’s erratic and there’s even a rap – so why am I not surprised that the judges aren’t buzzing? I guess it kind of works?

Did I just really say that?

Piers agrees, "You don’t have the best voice by a long way and you’re not the best musicians either, but when you’re together it works. You come on (John), you’re slightly crazy and… it’s down to you, you are a great personality".

Amanda disagrees, "I was gonna say that the musicians are overlooked. You are a fabulous front man, but as a whole you are a strong act".

Simon laughs, "I guess you’re a bit like Piers you guys, some people will like you and some will despise you. You’re like Marmite and I like Marmite".

I don’t like Marmite and hope they don’t make the final – sorry.

Click here to leave your views…

Bless Jimmy Ford, bless him.
He trots around the stage as the Lucky Green Leprechaun to Tell Me Ma by Rock Sham. LOL! Much as there’s no content whatsoever to this act, he’s giving it his best… he’s a pensioner, what can I say? I’m not going to sit here and slag him off… I could, but I wont.

Good for you Jim!

Louis Walsh put him through and he’s in the crowd tonight. "Well done, it was authentic, entertaining and different. It’s like nothing we’ve seen before".

Amanda has a soft pot for Jimmy too, "I could have watched you for a bit longer, you left me wanting more!"

Arrr…. Good fun, but not final material.

Click here to leave your views…

It’s hard to believe that Christopher Stone is an accountant when he’s on stage. I’m looking forward to seeing his performance and if he steps it up a notch – the judges loved him last time around.

He sings, The Impossible Dream (My Quest) and you can hear a pin drop… it’s an amazing vocal. No longer the terrified guy from the first round, but a confident singer who’s acting the part. The falling stars behind him are a great touch.

Hmm… My only critique would be that the song required a repeat of one note and it became a little monotonous – more the song than him though…

Christopher is over the moon with his performance. "I wanted to push the nerves back, take on a character and act the song".

Piers is on his feet! "You were a shy accountant, the nerves crippled you in the auditions… you were a different guy tonight."

Amanda love it, "You could lead any show anywhere tonight!"

Simon is impressed with the change, "Just to see the transformation in you… you were shy and nervous and didn’t know how good you were… To see you come out with confidence and charisma, and nail a song like that. I am very proud of you."

With those comments and that performance, I think you could be heading to the final Chris!

Click here to leave your views…

Sorry, I’m not convinced. Peridot perform a street dance routine and although the movement is great, there’s nothing original for me. Sure, there’s lots of lockin’, poppin’ and even some mirror work but there’s no moment that made me go ‘WOW!’

Piers agrees, "There wasn’t enough dancing. There was body popping and lots of moving about, but after seeing Diversity yesterday I’m afraid you’re not in the same league!" Ouch!

Amanda says, "I agree with Piers I’m afraid. It’s only natural to compare you to Diversity. There was no energy guys, you need to be doing more together".

Simon thinks something was missing too, but adds: "technically you were brilliant. I don’t think it’s fair to compare you to people we’ve seen in previous years, I think it’s better to compare you to dance acts in the competition. I think that compared to those in this year’s competition, you’re the best dance act we have."

So who did it for you?
Who should make it through?
I’m going for Christopher and Paul.

Click here to leave your views…

I’ll see you back here in half an hour…


Voting is now closed…
As always, the first act to go through will be the one with the highest public vote. The acts who place second and third go to the Judges Choice…

The first act going through is…
Paul Burling! Well deserved.

The acts going through to Judges Choice are…
Christopher Stone… and Peridot?

What happened there?
I thought it would be Chloe.
Arr… she’s in floods already.

Click here to leave your views…

Little hesitation from the judges tonight. Both Piers and Amanda thought that Peridot hadn’t stepped up, they go for Christopher Stone.

So that’s Paul Burling, Christoper Stone, Tina and Chandi, Connected, Spelbound and Tobias Mead so far… Who’s you’re favourite to come out on top?

Click here to leave your views…

See you tomorrow when the show airs for the next Live Blog!

Selena x 

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Images courtesy of Rex Features/ITV

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Live Blog – Semi Final 2

Are you ready for the next Semi-Final?

There’s some cracking talent on tonight’s show, so sit back, enjoy… and don’t forget to click here and leave your views… I can’t wait to hear what you think as each act performs…

The Live Blog is running now…

As always click F5 to refresh as we go along and click here to leave your comments on each act. I’ll be here covering the whole show and giving you my views.

On the move?
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Throughout this week, 40 TV hopefuls will battle it out for a place in the Britain’s Got Talent Final. Almost 200 wannabes were selected for the London auditions but only 40 made it through to this week’s climax of the ITV1 show.

Each night two acts will earn places in Saturday’s grand final and the chance to become the next Diversity.

Tonight’s acts are:
Neil ‘the bouncer’ Fullard
The Ruby Girls
Kev Orkian
Michael Fayambo (Jr/Snr)
Tina and Chandi
and… Maxi Oliver (Lady Ga Ga)

First up is Taboo and Amanda is looking forward to seeing what they come up with . "I loved their first audition…"

It’s original, I’ll give them that!
They perform in candy stripes and the theme of the routine is ‘all things sweet’. The tracks range from Candy Man by Christina Aguilera to the Oompa Loompa Song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… A great routine and they never missed a step – together every second.

Piers is reeling, "Compared to what we saw in the audition, that was in a different league completely. I love the outfits, the moves, the smiles – you are the happiest group we’ve ever seen."

Amanda loved the fact that they all got to have a turn but Simon disagreed, "I stick by what I said in the first audition about everyone having a turn, it was all over the place! I have to be honest (the crowd boo)… It was totally mad, but I thought… it was totaly brilliant!"

And the crowd goes wild…

Sweet enough, but I don’t think they’ll make the final – just not enough content for me. Plenty of humour but after seeing Diversity yesterday, no dance act compares.

Click here to leave your views…

Neil Fullhard is next and I’m looking forward to Simon’s comments. Neil has been quoted in the papers as saying "if he digs at me, me and my bouncer friends will strangle him to death!"

He sings That’s Life by Frankie and I have to say, it’s smooth…with a capital ‘ooo’. I love the tone of his voice and even though he’s a tough guy, he’s really just a big softie!

Simon is happy, "Frank Sinatra is my favourite performer of all time. If you sing a song of his you have to do it a certain way… you have to have a certain swagger and likeability, you haven’t got the best voice in the world but there’s something about YOU that makes it work."

Amanda smiles, "I like you Neil, you sang it really well and it worked. You’ve got sex appeal in a really strange way…"

Click here to leave your views…

See, I don’t get The Ruby Girls and I didn’t in the audition. I really don’t know how they made the semi’s.

Seen it, seen it, seen it! Can you say strippers? Or Pussy Cat Dolls and these girls don’t even sing, they’re just prancing round in their knickers!

Pier’s pointed out that they weren’t together in places (I noticed that too!) but he adds, "considering what you’re wearing, I didn’t care". Says it all really… The male vote it is.

Simon is cutting. "It didn’t work for me tonight, I didn’t like the outfits and girls are going to hate you. For it to work it was supposed to be the dance version of the Spice Girls, you got it wrong and I think you’ve missed an opportunity".

Nail on the head Cowell, nail on the head!

Click here to leave your views…

Connected are one act I’ve been looking forward to seeing, All of the judges agreed that they had great voices, but Simon wasn’t happy, "this is fifteen years out of date".

I’m hoping they’ve taken his advice and they bring something fresh to the table…

WELL! You can’t say they haven’t tried… They’ve been completely restyled in jeans, boots, T’s and beads (I much prefer this look) and although some of the solos are wobbly, their harmonies are fantastic – when they sing as a group it really works!

Piers is happy they’ve improved. "I saw something in the first audition that reminded me of a young Take That and the way you have come on since then is amazing. It wasn’t perfect, but when you come together something magical happens."

Simon was worried that they were going to come back in suits again and sing "Westlife or something" but they didn’t disappoint. "This was chalk and cheese compared to the last audition, you’ve got a real shot now!"

I have to agree with Simon (what’s up with me tonight?) – I think they could have just sang their way into Saturday’s Final. Well Done boys!

Click here to leave your views…

Kev Orkian is not the one!
(Do you even remember him? He’s the guy who claims to be the funny Armenian.)

He starts his act with a joke about Ant & Dec giving him a new passport, "You can now call me Louis Walsh!"… and it’s all downhill from there.

"I’m going to sing a love song for you Amanda…" Piers and Simon buzz within seconds… He doesn’t sing in English, great piano but he loses the crowd when he throws in a Shaggy impression – it’s verging on desperation!

Amanda tries to comfort him, "I don’t think it deserved a buzz but I do think that you changed it. It was clear in your audition who you were, I loved the Elton John stuff in your first – it was about you."

Simon isn’t having it. "I fell for you when you said you’d waited all your life to have this opportunity, but this was so corny. I think you got it all wrong."

Click here to leave your views…

Hmmm… I loved Michael Fayambo Jr & Snr during the auditions and much as I enjoyed this medley, I was hoping more…

I had my fingers crossed for a Smooth Criminal routine or maybe Thriller, but the medley reminded me of their first try – too much music and too many random moves.

Piers and Amanda both agree that Michael Snr is getting tired and "needs some Sanatogen". Piers adds that he’s like an embarrassing Dad at a wedding.

Simon agrees with me, "it was down to the routine, you can’t blame the Dad! It was like Michael Jackson’s greatest hits in a minute – all of them! It was too mad… crazy."

Click here to leave your views…

Since Britain’s Got Talent began, Simon has always wanted to find the next Lassie… Could this be the one? It’s time for Tina and Chandi.

Even I have to say, this dog is a star! ..and isn’t it a lovely story considering Tina rescued him from a dog’s home – Bless…

Arrr… I know it’s super-twee but even I’m smiling when the lyrics say "we stick together like glue" and Chandi grabs Tina’s leg. Excellent! The jazz shuffle at the end is genius! The dogs holding the brolly for the finale and you can see that Tina is overjoyed with him!

It’s quite emotional actually…
Am I a weed?

Tina is beaming, "It was amazing, I’m so pleased. You just never know how anything’s gonna go on the night…"

Piers loved every minute. "Chandi has the poise, the footwork, the grace, I’m thinking that Chandi is the dog equivalent of Wayne Rooney. After that, like Mr Rooney, Chandi has a very big chance of winning a very big competition.

Amanda is just a big girl like me, "It’s funny, I can feel myself welling up because of the affection between you."

This is the first time that Simon’s seen Chandi as Louis was heading the panel during her audition. "What can I say? I love her! She is absolutely adorable. It just goes to show if you love a dog they love you back, to think she was a rescue dog – she’s amazing."

Simon seems convinced that they’ll make the final as he asks that Chandi and Tina do the ballet routine he missed ‘next time’.

Tina is ever the pro, "I’d like to come up with something completely new instead of going back." Silly… Missed an op to melt the big guy there. What you should of said is, "We’ll show you the ballet now!"

Fingers crossed you’ll get another chance T.

Eagle Eye: Did you notice the guest appearance?
It was George Sampson’s lamp post!

Click here to leave your views…

Oh no!
Why, oh why do they try too hard?

Maxi Oliver was a cracking Lady Ga Ga impersonator during the auditions, but now it’s just a joke – Overkill!

I’m all for the dropping onto the stage on a telephone, but the hair and the outfit are ridiculous – and I don’t mean Lady Ga Ga ‘cool’ ridiculous, I mean just plain stupid! He can barely walk in the dress at the start and the he can’t sing through the bright yellow hair. It’s a catastrophe!

Piers has lost it, how can you think that was good? "You made me Ga Ga. There were some issues with the singing and keyboard playing, but the production was amazing."

Amanda says pretty much the same thing. I thought this show was about talent, not production? What are the judges on about?

Maxi tries to say that he is trying to portray a story. "I don’t want people to follow an act, it’s about Maxi Oliver becoming Lady Ga Ga.."

Okay… Simon shakes his head, "I’m gonna have to go home. I thought yesterday was surreal with the cruise ship, but watching you with two fried eggs on your chest playig the piano!"

It was ridiculous wasn’t it?
It wasn’t just me…?

He could have just given us a great performance and vocal like last time, and I’d have been happy. No, no, no!

Click here to leave your views…

So who should make it through to the final?
I think it will be Tina and Chandi and… Connected.

Place your bets (and don’t forget to vote!)

Click here to leave your views…

See you back here in a couple of clicks for the result…
(That’s arf an hour in tinternet speak)


We’re back and it’s time to find out who will make the final…

Piers Morgan’s hot tip is Connected, "I think they have the potential to be real pop stars!"

Simon’s the first to say it "was what it was" and there were a lot of downs. "The dog act was brilliant though and I loved Connected". Looks like I could be bob on with my predictions peeps…

Phone lines are now closed.

The first act through to the Live Final is…
Tina and Chandi!
She can’t believe it, she’s dumbstruck and shakes her head.

The acts placing second and third and facing the Judges Choice are… Neil Fullard and Connected (knew it).

Piers sums up the situation well, "I think from the audience you can tell how hard a choice this is. Neil, you are the people’s champion – a singing doorman and your performance was charming. Connected, I think you have the potential but the question is are you ready right now?

Piers goes for Connected and Amanda goes for Neil, it’s all on Simon. "I would put them both through, I have a case for both. Connected could have another shot, Neil it’s pretty much your last shot… (He can’t decide and is pushed by Ant and Dec) – I genuinely apologise to the one who doesn’t go through, I think the one who should make the final is… I’m gonna have to go for connected."

Neil is humble in defeat, "I fancied these guys myself, I thought they’d take it and I think they should win it – I know I shouldn’t say that but I do." Neil you a gent sir!

The boys are leaping around the stage and Tina and Chandi take the opportunity to thank everyone who voted for them.

So did the public get it right?
I feel quite sorry for Neil now, I was hoping that Simon would say ‘it’s my show’ and put them both through… How about you?

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See you back here for the third Semi Final.
There’s some corkers tomorrow…
It’s all go when the show airs!

Selena x

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